Starting New Hobbies Part 1

In “Who is a RecTrekker” and all over our Instagram, the concept of gaining new experiences and picking up new hobbies is abundant. In your head, it often sounds like an awesome idea (and it is). Unfortunately, knowing how to actually start can be difficult. On top of that, once they commit to trying something, people start to second guess their abilities and worry about how stupid they might look. All of these things are natural.

In this post, you’ll find a list of hobbies that you can do in a range of climates and locations. Click on the links below each one if one or more interest you. These sites will help you get started. We hope this helps you overcome the mental obstacle of trying something for the first time. Who knows, it could be your passion! All of the activities below are great things to add to the itinerary of your next trip.

We’ll post a part 2 with more soon, so if you have something you’d like to learn about, comment here or on our Instagram.


1.) Skiing/Snowboarding – Downhill skiing and snowboarding aren’t just activities for the Rockies (although it’s hard to beat the views out west). Growing up in Minnesota, we didn’t have major mountains within hours. That didn’t stop us from heading out to our local hill. All you need is snow, and we generally have plenty of that in the Midwest. In fact, a smaller hill can be a great place to learn. Once you get comfortable with little danger, you can take a trip out west and it can be a real motivator to keep practicing. Costs can be high if you buy your equipment, but because of that cost, rentals are available almost everywhere. There are links for both sports below.

Ski Magazine Top 10 tips for beginners

Matador Network 8 vital tips for beginning snowboarder

2.) Paddle Boarding – Paddle boarding has grown in popularity at an alarming rate in recent years. In part, because it’s relatively easily and wildly versatile when it comes to where you can do it. Virtually any body of water can support paddle boarding. It can provide a great full body workout at low intensity or high intensity. The beauty is that you can decide how extreme you want to take it. As you get your sea legs, you can even do yoga on the water or surf huge barreled waves. Costs can be high to start if you buy, however, rentals are becoming more and more available so do some research locally.

SBS Boards Paddle Boarding Guide

3.) Fishing – There are many types of fishing out there. Whether you live near a pond, lake, river, or ocean can determine which type of fishing is right for you. Each variation has its advantages and disadvantages. The simplest way to learn when starting out is probably using a spinning reel, as they are also probably the most versatile. Many fishing purists refuse anything but fly fishing, so that’s something to work towards. Costs for fishing are relatively low to begin with, but as any angler knows, they can rise rapidly once you start losing lures!

ThoughtCo Learning to Fish

4.) Hiking – The variation in terrain that’s available out there is expansive. Much of what you will see on social media consists of big mountain views. However, there are flat hikes all over the world. One of the best things about hiking is that it can be combined with any number of other hobbies you might have. You can hike to a lake and then fish or paddle and that very same hike might be done 6 months later with snowshoes on your feet and skis on your back. It’s pretty phenomenal as far as hobbies go, especially when you consider the zero cost of entry!

Nerd Fitness Hiking Guide


5.) Biking – Nearly every one of us spent a massive amount of our childhood on two wheels. As an adult, biking takes a very different identity. Instead of the means of getting to and from sandlot baseball games and school, the bike has become the destination for cycling enthusiasts. The different types of biking today can keep you busy all year long, in any climate. From riding road bikes for long distances, mountain biking up or down steep terrain, or even riding a fat bike on a frozen lake, this hobby is sure to give you plenty of skills to sharpen. You can start on a hand me down, but if you find out you enjoy biking, you may be in the market for something a little nicer. The cost range for biking is seriously wide. There are links for three types of biking below.

Bike Radar 25 essential pieces of riding advice for beginners

REI Mountain Biking beginners guide

Single Tracks Fat Biking 101

6.) Golfing – The last activity in this post is a little different than the others as it’s a major sport. It’s true, golf is a traditional sport, but it’s also one of the most widely known lifetime hobbies to ever exist. Not to mention the sport is played around the world. There are some serious views on courses everywhere. The level of physical activity exerted in a round of golf is up to you. On many courses, the walk is a challenging hike in and of itself, especially if you have to chase that tiny ball into the woods. Costs are relatively high in golf, but to get started, a driving range can be quite affordable.

Golf Digest golf beginners tips

The beauty about the list of hobbies above is that each and every one of them can be done until you’re very old. Learning these hobbies won’t just keep you interested for the next year or two, you can literally teach these things to your kids and grandkids someday. On top of that, because of the vast geography that supports these activities, they are great reasons to plan trips with your family, friends, and even strangers who share your passion. Let us know what you think about the list. If you’re a beginner, did it help? Experts, don’t be shy about recruiting newbies to your favorite hobbies.

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