Starting New Hobbies, Part 2

Just over a week ago, we posted about how to get started with a number of different hobbies. The beauty about all of those hobbies is that they can be done virtually your whole life, and will keep younger along the way. The list in this post is by no means all inclusive, but the following hobbies are a little bit more intense. They often include a few more barriers to entry like physical abilities or higher start up costs. Don’t let that scare you! These activities will seriously ramp up your sense of adventure. Let’s get started!

1.) Rock Climbing- Many think of Alex Honnold free climbing in Patagonia when they think of rock climbing. It doesn’t have to be that intense, everybody has to start somewhere. There are “rock climbing gyms” all over the place. Indoor climbing is a great way to get started, most of these places offer some instruction that will get you started in the right direction. Before you go, it’s a good idea to read the guide in the link below.

The Adventure Junkies 35 Tips for Rock Climbing

2.) Kitesurfing- Surfing is an awesome sport, unfortunately it comes with some geographic restrictions. If you live in an area that allows you to surf, go for it. If you live in the middle of the country or somewhere that makes it difficult to surf, you need to explore kitesurfing. It’s one of the more diverse action sports out there. While kitesurfing can be done with a “surf” board, most commonly, kitesurfers use a twin tip kite board. They usually feature foots straps and pads. Check out this cool video if you’re just a little bit curious! The other variation of this sport, which is especially exciting for midwesterners, is snow kiting. This can be done with a snowboard or skis. It can be a real upgrade from the small hills available in fly over country.

Wake Up Stoked Learn to Kitesurf

Kitemare Learning About Snowkiting

3.) Sailing- Water is necessary for this next activity. And so is wind. Other than that, it’s surprisingly easy to find places that offer sailing lessons. There is something about sailing that seems regal, maybe because it is how humans discovered that the earth wasn’t flat. Sailing might not seem as physically taxing as some other activities listed here, but that would depend on what kind of sailing you’re talking about. Have you ever seen America’s cup? Sailors don’t start with foiling obviously, its best to start with some local regattas. Click the link below to learn how you can get started sailing.

Discover Boating’s How to Sail

4.) Hunting- Hunting can get a bad rap, and there are reasons for this. However, this hobby is one of the most widely practiced of all the activities listed. The statistics related to hunting as a conservation tool are quite expansive and interesting, you can read more here. Hunting often involves extremely difficult terrain and long distance hikes. This is a hobby that can provide reasons to travel literally everywhere in the world. It is also extremely challenging in most cases. Hunting obviously isn’t without danger, if you’re interested in starting, make sure you learn how with a professional instructor.

Outdoorzy’s Learn to Hunt

5.) Kayaking- Kayaking is another hobby that allows for the intensity to match what the user is looking for. From grandparents to crazy adrenaline junkies (see this), Kayaking is accessible in many places around the world. All of them vary in their level of difficulty. Depending on the time of year and location, from flat to white water, you can determine the level of difficulty. This is a great way to see remote locations around the world. Many choose to fish from their kayaks to combine hobbies we’ve talked about on this website.

Adventure Sports Network’s Everything You Need to Know About Kayaking

6.) Diving- The last activity included in this list is probably the one that will allow you to explore the most. There are a lot of variations and differences when it comes to the places people can hike, ski, kayak- take your pick. In the end, trees are different but they’re trees. With diving, you have the opportunity to experience an entirely different world. There are some really amazing things you get to see, even on a beginner dive from about 30-60 feet. Dives can be done in oceans all over the world. The Great Barrier Reef and Riviera Maya are some of the world’s greatest natural wonders, but you don’t have to be in Australia to dive. Go check out what your local lake looks like below the surface, you will be surprised. Click below to find out how you can get started.

ThoughtCo’s Preliminary Guide to Scuba Diving

As stated in the first paragraph of this post, this is not an all inclusive list of hobbies. If you have other hobbies that you’d like to see included, let us know! We’d love to explore more than we’ve included here. Some of the hobbies above may seem daunting, but with more of a challenge, comes more reward! So get out there and learn something new- it’s good for the body and the mind.

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