Who is a RecTrekker?

Who is a RecTrekker?

You won’t find RecTrekker in any dictionary out there. It’s a fusion of two words that do exist, recreation and trek. A RecTrekker is someone who lives to gain experiences, both by way of travel and learning new skills and hobbies. For us, many of those things have centered around getting outside physically and outside our comfort zones. If you enjoy a challenge and consistently look for opportunities to learn new things, you might just be a RecTrekker. We live for recreational travel, and think there are many more of us out there! Read more below to find out!

Do you love travel?

Most people do, so that’s an easy question. You’ve probably heard this saying before, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. It’s inspirational and a driver for many in today’s world. Growing up in the Midwest, there is added benefit to want to get out and travel, but it’s not always easy to duck out of work and fork over a bunch of money to go to the beach. Considering these obstacles, we view travel as a reward. Our goal is to do it as often as we can, but it often falls flat when you get to that beach chair and are expected to read a book all day. Sometimes, that’s can be a great release, but mostly we just can’t help to want to be doing something.

Are you passionate about your hobbies?

Duh, that’s why it’s one of your hobbies! I moved from Chicago, back to Minnesota a while ago and one of the biggest motivators for me was to be able to DO things outside again. The same thing goes for Josh, who moved from Chicago to Seattle. Chicago is a great city and the summer offers plenty to do on the lakeshore. Sadly, as most Midwesterners know, it lasts 3-4 months, and they feel more like minutes.

The land of 10,000 lakes has no shortage of great things to do in the summer, as our nickname suggests. Fishing, almost any water sport imaginable, awesome state parks, you get the idea. The hibernation in the colder months isn’t so apparent. We’re kind of crazy about winter. We ice fish, play outdoor hockey, snowmobile, and we even winter camp (I told you, we’re weird).

Josh saw the same things when he arrived in the Pacific Northwest. Instead of day drinking, he has the ability to do a multitude of things on the weekend like white water rafting, taking a day hike, SUP, or hitting the slopes when he feels like it.

It’s not all about taking a long flight to explore your hobbies, there are so many things you can do in your own backyard. Sometimes, all you need to access those hobbies is a little nudge. Unfortunately, that can be a difficult and uncomfortable endeavor to begin.

Are you interested in learning about new hobbies?

With all of these activities re-entering our everyday lives, we felt a desire to experience more of them. We started seeing people kite boarding, fly fishing, rock climbing, there are literally hundreds of things to do out there. In conversations we’d have on ski trips, we’d often say- “I want to learn how to _________”.

That prompted the idea to start this community. Regardless of where you fall on the skills spectrum in your respective hobbies, we want to engage with you. Whether you can help shorten the learning curve in the new activities for others or use community expertise to learn something new for yourself, there is a home here for you.

So how does it all tie together?

Remember that “travel as a reward” theory? Well, learning and picking up new hobbies can give you the reason to get out and test your progress. If traveling is difficult for you, whether it be because of your job or other responsibilities, there’s still new things you can pick up and do locally. If you have the travel bug and are able to do it, what better way to decide your next destination? Many people travel to cities like Paris or London, as they can be great ways to learn about cultures and world history. But, have you ever traveled the natural world? Take a fishing trip to the salt flats in Belize, go kite boarding in the Canary islands, hike the amazing National Parks in the U.S., or ski the Alps.

That’s our take on who this community is built for. What do you think, are you a RecTrekker? If so, join the community by signing up!

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